No kidding!  Ronald Lemire of Suffield was bowling with friends when he decided to check his ticket from the October 8th Lotto drawing.  All his numbers came in 07-10-11-27-37-38.  After taxes he takes home a respectable $1.8 million!  That's a nice chunk of change.  He did not comment on how he might spend the money.  Will he be smart and squirrel most of it away?  I'd suggest upgrading your home, maybe buying a nicer car and putting the majority of it into the hands of an asset manager and never having to worry about money ever again.  With home prices and interest rates as low as they are right now, upgrading your home is a very good investment.  It's the perfect way to celebrate your first win, without risking the loss of the majority of your winnings.  Congrats and enjoy!
Randall Bennett won $1million on a $500,000,000 Extravaganza scratch off ticket from the New York Lottery.  What a wonderful day for Randall and his family.  This is his second big win with Scratchers.  He won $25k on Fat Wallet back in 2009.  His original comments are that he's planning on not quitting his job, but that his retirement date likely moved up a couple of years.  Kudos Mr. Bennett!  That's exactly the way to approach a win like this.  Go buy yourself something nice and squirrel the rest away to enjoy your golden years.  This is the type of stuff we like to hear.
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